Jan 1, 2015

by Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers

Welcome to your beginnings of your successful endings for you Philanthropic Entrepreneur Life.

Questions are a great place to start. They are more important than answers because they are a short cut to the answers.

Beliefs to Contemplate and then Re-formulate Philanthropic Entrepreneur System Actions

The time of the Gathering of Philanthropic Entrepreneur is now and is in our hands.

Questions – I find them very helpful – right questions, open questions and affirmation questions

What within you will uplift you to manifest your contributions? What will increase your significance? What will align your business services with your greatest potential offerings of service and beyond? Where will you place your efforts? Where will take off and land? Where are you and I being led? (????^^^^^) Do you have a calling, several purposes to fulfil in your lifetime, and are you a leader of others, and do you collaborate with others intentionally? What can be our vital imagination for our EPS plan of actions and for our spontaneous movements to accelerate forward with speed and clarity?

Why is it that we can make progress not to make a difference on the planet?

What could be holds secrets to our ‘beyond that which has been”. In studying creativity and exploring the creative process itself for many years, I observe that there are many contributions, skills and scientific explorations, artistic wonders, and many gifts that people have given to this world that make it extremely awesome to behold. What has seemingly failed may or may not have failed, but may hold even more secrets to our vulnerabilities and frailties, blocks, and blurred perceptions and victimization experiences, including those unknown to each of us.

What deeper thought grabs you today – won’t be easily shaken off, and propels you to action? What one step forward can you make now?
I believe that we need to constantly thank ourselves for where we are at and that will make a smoother path to where we are going.

Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers, Phd