Purpose of Website:

Philanthropic Entrepreneur Systems has been created to encourage and support the many areas of philanthropic entrepreneurs through increased education, awareness of causes and those organizations and individuals who support those causes, ways to evaluate one’s philanthropic plans and for growth of ways to make a difference by creating blogs, bringing expert speakers, delivering podcasts, and having a way for people to communicate over time.

Tasks: This website will succeed if it acts as 1) a blog hub, 2) a place for white paper article information dissemination, 3) if it engages interested and/or committed philanthropic entrepreneurs in a manner that furthers their journeys to have significance by making a positive difference in the world.

For centuries there have been amazing stories of philanthropic netrepreneurs who have had various directed focal points to their change making and impact. The world – people and animals and the world’s natural health all cry out for our help in such a multiplicity of ways. Here is a place for stories and inspiration.

Successful heart centered visionaries want to help themselves and others to learn how to be wise and effective philanthropic entrepreneurs – collectively and independently. Every day for the past several years I have become more and more enlightened about the collective endeavors of many online entrepreneurs.

Rikka Zimmerman is one of a shaker, with love being one of the dominant messages she puts forward for others. Here is one of her posters that she shared online with me and others. This is now 2015 and we need to know that we are walking with light and love as we move forward – guided and courageous.

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