Mission: To help step up the opportunities and results of philanthropic entrepreneurs while also gathering genius and collaborative efforts which can benefit many and make a difference in the world as positive changes need to be made that take commitments – small and large.

Vision: That philanthropic entrepreneurs become learned in how they can thrive in their businesses while wisely contributing using shared knowledge and systems in order to align with the causes in which they believe.

Researchers and writers of philanthropy indicate that philanthropy has often been perceived as a writing of a cheque by the few at the top. However, I have perceived philanthropy on a much wider scope.

As I perceive philanthropy it is more than supporting a charity, it is really about getting educated about what makes a difference and systematically knowing how to understand what is worthy of support, where the money and skills offered really go to serve well. This website is to encourage others in their philanthropic awareness and growth possibilities. Moreover philanthropic entrepreneurs