Educating about Philanthropy

Philanthropic entrepreneurs of today support in diverse and creative ways and support through money is just one of the ways.

  1. Gifting programs – fundraising endeavors, volunteering of time, educational, medical
  2. Foundations — grant applications for money for specific non-profit organizations
  3. Service groups, for example Rotary (Local and Global Focus), Lion’s Clubs (Provincial focus), to name a couple, and there are many others.
  4. Individual offerings of volunteer services, for example, Habitat for Humanity (building homes) where there are many volunteer helpers,
  5. Personal donations, for example – donations to United Way, which has a board where careful decisions about charitable funds are dispersed.
  6. Taxed donations that do not meet tax-exempt criteria, where people have a “Good Heart” for certain support of causes.
  7. Donations given in tithing to religious organizations.
  8. Numerous skills that people offer within organizations, or individually to help make a difference in the world.