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Meet Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers

Meet Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers


Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers coaches evolving entrepreneurs. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and likes being a lifelong learner and professional who continues to develop her professional offerings and services. She has a Master Life Coaching Certificate and she is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach with Quantum Success Coaching Academy. ​She has integrated Coaching in her private practice and now is extending her outreach online.

She is CEO of Coaching Flow Success, an online firm that serves entrepreneurs who aim to succeed in their developing businesses. She maintains two separate businesses, one an in-person business and one, an online business. Before establishing a business co-owned with her husband, Dr. Gary Meiers, she had a solo entrepreneur business.

Purpose of Website:

Philanthropic Entrepreneur Systems has been created to encourage and support the many areas of philanthropic entrepreneurs through increased education, awareness of causes and those organizations and individuals who support those causes, ways to evaluate one’s philanthropic plans and for growth of ways to make a difference by creating blogs, bringing expert speakers, delivering podcasts, and having a way for people to communicate over time. read more…


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To help step up the opportunities and results of philanthropic entrepreneurs while also gathering genius and collaborative efforts which can benefit

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Philanthropic entrepreneurs of today support in diverse and creative ways and support through money is just one of the ways.

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